Thursday, October 25, 2012

VeganMoFo Day 22! Beyond Meat!

Have you tried Beyond Meat yet? I've been waiting and waiting for the stuff to finally hit Southern California and it finally has. Woo Hoo! Beyond Meat is a great new meat substitute. And for those of you that are into products like Gardein, you're going to love this. Now, meat substitutes aren't for everyone but for transitioning vegans this will be great for when you feel like you're missing out. Serve this to some of your curious friends and I bet that you could fool most of them with Beyond Meat. Not only is Beyond Meat vegan, but it's also full of protein (19 grams per serving), no saturated fat (like real meat), no cholesterol, and gluten free! Check out their site and see if they're in your area. :-)

I had my Beyond Meat Sesame Chick'n Salad with some brown rice. 

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