Thursday, October 4, 2012

Taking Mom to Veggie Grill! Day 4

Veggie Grill...sigh...It's impossible not to love this place! The food is fresh and absolutely amazing. Vegans and Non-Vegans all over la la land are constantly hitting up different locations just to devour their delicious cuisine. In fact, my sister (who is not vegan) took me on my first trip to Veggie Grill and she almost eats there more than I do. So, this is definitely the place to take any of your friends. My mom doesn't live close to LA so when she visited for her birthday, I had to take her to one of my faves. I wasn't too worried about her liking the food because it's scrumptious. But, sometimes you just never know. No worries though, cuz she loved it. Woo Hoo! Check out my first post about Veggie Grill...there's a video :-)

Mom loves it!

My mom ordered the corn chowder soup and all hail kale salad. 

My favorite! The buffalo "wings" and all hail kale salad. 
If you ever visit LA please please please stop by The Veggie Grill! You'll love it! :-)


  1. I am so jealous, and I am digging your mom's Dallas Cowboys shirt.

  2. lol I will definitely let her know.



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