Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vegan Chili Cheesy Scoops!

Chili, queso, and scoops...Yum! Last weekend while one of my dear friends visited from out of town, we decided to make one of our all time favorite snacks, Scoops. Scoops are three simple ingredients packed full of flavor. All you need is vegetarian chili (I get mine from wholefoods), some vegan queso (I used "Food for Lovers"'s spicy and delicious), and some Frito scoop chips. That's it! Heat the chili and the queso, layer them on top of the chips, scoop them up, and eat and eat and eat! I promise you this is so yummy. It's a quick snack to make and perfect for sporting events...your non-vegan friends won't even miss their old chili cheese treats.

Enjoy! :-)

Food for Lovers Vegan Queso.


Monday, August 29, 2011


Hey guys, I'm so excited for Vegan, What?'s very first giveaway!!! Woo hoo!...And I don't want you to miss your chance to win a $25 dollar gift card to, so please check out the video for details!

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vegan Urban Food Crawl!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of joining a group of very hungry people for my very first food crawl. I didn't have much of an idea of what to expect on a food crawl other than eating a lot of food...and I was not disappointed in the food department. I first found out about this event on quarry girl's blog and after checking out urban food crawl's website, I knew that this was something I definitely needed in my

Okay, so basically Urban Food Crawl is a walking tour of some of downtown LA's vegan restaurants. We visited six different locations in the area, grubbed until our bellies were full beyond capacity, and burned off some calories with a good walk. We even got a little history about the downtown area and a few of the buildings. The tour lasted a little over three hours and at the end of it we got a huge goodie bag. :-) Jen and Shari were our amazing tour guides and they did such a great job at making everyone feel comfortable, explaining the food and giving us some history info., and answering questions to the best of their ability. There were some non-vegans on the tour and they really seemed to enjoy themselves...there were a lot of "yums" and "mmm" going on in each place...they asked questions and took a real interest in the food we were eating.

Our first stop was Two Bits Market. They serve fresh, local, and organic produce...along with deli sandwiches, and snacks. The owner was really cool and very enthusiastic about food...which I love.
Rupee Sandwich
Bean Puree with artichoke, black olives, squash, and arugula puree on a baguette. 

Next up was Nickel Diner...this place is far from vegan but their stuffed avocado is AMAZING! If I had room I would have had two servings of this.
Stuffed Avocado
With Quinoa Salad - black beans, red peppers, squash, corn, and cilantro.
Pitfire Pizza has amazing pizza packed full of flavor and cheesy goodness. We started with a roasted peach salad and some bread. They served us three different pizzas and one of them had gluten free crust...Yum! I guess for some reason I was too hungry to take a picture of the third pizza but I assure you it was delicious.
Roasted peach salad.

hungry peeps!

Heirloom Tomato Pizza
Fresh local heirloom tomatoes and basil with Daiya Cheese. This was everyone's favorite.

Field Mushrooms Pizza
Crimini, Oyster, and roasted shitakes with daiya cheese. This was one good but not my favorite.

We had a pit stop at the Bradbury before our next meal.

Mas Malo a vegan menudo restaurant with a range of classic and unique dishes.  

Traditional style Mexican Menudo made with tempeh, tofu, chiles, and hominy. Veg. ground beef and pickle taco. This taco was the bomb...crunchy, a little greasy, and messy...I loved it!

Casa Cocina y Cantina is a very modern Mexican restaurant with a cool vibe and fabulous outdoor seating. 

Enchiladas de Espinaas y Papas
Sauteed spinach, pan-crisped potatoes, and soy chorizo wrapped in flour tortillas with red tomatilla enchilada sauce. Served on a bed of cilantro rice.

And last but certainly not least we have Babycakes! I posted about my last trip there a little while ago and I was so glad to be back with some sweets!

Blondie Sandwich
Two chocolate chip blondies with frozen vanilla frosting. 

Oh my gosh! I was so stuffed and happy by the end of this tour! If you ever want to hit up some vegan restaurants, meet some new people, or are curious about trying something different please check out Urban Food Crawl, it was such a blast!

Look at all the goodies I got!

Vegan Beef Jerkey.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

DIY Body Scrub!

Hey guys! Tired of spending countless dollars on body scrubs??? Well, I found this quick and easy way to make your own body scrub on vegan beauty review's website, using just a few ingredients. Check out my video for instructions:

I didn't have a glass jar to put the body scrub in so I used this 3oz carry on container (in case you want to travel with your body scrub and freshen up in between flights!) :-) I love beauty products that you can make yourself, it's so resourceful and CHEAP! lol

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lara Bars!

Apparently I'm the only person who hasn't tried a lara bar! But, I finally did a few days ago and it was pretty good. I had the peanut butter chocolate chip flavor (mmm...peanut butter and chocolate go so well together). I liked the flavors and it wasn't hard to chew or gross like some health bars are. It was actually soft in texture and pretty yummy. I can definitely see myself buying more of these bars, which is great because they sell them in bulk at Costco. :-)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Body Wash

I've been looking for cruelty free body wash that's affordable but I haven't been able to find any...until, I stopped by Trader Joe's over the weekend and found this product:

Check out my video:

I like this body wash for smells good (smells like peppermint), leaves you feeling fresh, it's cheap, and it gets the job done. But, I'm still on the lookout for something just as affordable with more variety of scents.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Earnest Eats!

Look what I found on set today! It's a whole food bar from a company called "Earnest Eats."

I've seen advertisements for this product on facebook and I heard that they sell it in bulk at Costco. So, when I found this at work I was really excited to try it out. I wanted to try this right away but I waited till I got home so I could take a better picture. It's vegan and wheat-free and it's very tasty. Unlike most nutrition bars, their bars are baked with almond butter which keeps them nice and moist. I guess I would compare it to a chewy granola bar but far more healthier and I feel like you can actually taste the ingredients that you're eating...except for the raisins, I didn't really taste the raisins (but I was definitely okay with that cuz I'm not a fan of raisins). :-) Overall, a pretty good bar.


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