Monday, October 22, 2012

VeganMoFo Day 19! Sickly Vegan!

Soup! That's what I've been eating everyday since last Wednesday. Yes, this vegan has been sick the past few days peeps. It started Sunday night with my hubby getting a sore throat. Monday, he was full on sick mode and I swooped in to take care of him and tried my best to maintain my own health since I was starting a new fitness program. Unfortunately, Tuesday night, the sore throat crept up and on Wednesday, I was knocked completely out by the sick bug. So, after only two days of a workout program, I had to quit...for now. Man, it's been awful!lol I hate not working out. I mean, as much as I hate working out, I love how my body feels when I'm in shape. So, all I was left with from my two days of hard core weight training was a cold and sore bones...awful. But, nothing makes you feel better than a hot bowl of soup. I've been eating mostly canned vegetable soup but Saturday, I dragged my coughing body to Lotus Vegan to get some of their delicious Veggie Soup.Yum! I made sure I got two large containers to hold me both Saturday and Sunday. I am feeling much better today so I can't to start eating other foods get back to weight training. :-)

Lotus Vegan Vegetable Soup

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