Monday, October 15, 2012

VeganMoFo Day 15! Vegan Mac & Cheese Showdown!

Friday night I made the huge mistake of going to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Hollywood. As if being chased and terrified by Zombies, Leather Face, and CLOWNS (nothing scarier than a clown) wasn't bad enough, towards the end of the night I waited in the longest line EVER only to go through a 3 minute fright maze. By that time I was too exhausted to even enjoy being scared. But, in all actuality, I did have a really good time. And since scary movies just don't scare me like they used, Horror Nights was just what I needed to remind me to be thankful that the only zombie apocalypse I have to deal with is The Walking Dead on Sunday Nights.

Saturday, I dragged my extremely tired butt to LA's Best Mac & Cheese Showdown hosted by my friend Antoanet from I am so glad that I didn't let my desire to sleep hold me back from this amazing event. Five awesome restaurants came together to compete for the honor of having the best vegan mac and cheese in town and they delivered some of the most unbelievable dishes I've ever had. These were hands down some of the best Mac & Cheese dishes I've ever had in my life! The hubby and I left with full bellies and happy faces. Amanda's Bakery stopped by as well to deliver some of my favorite treats. I guess it's good that her shop isn't close to me cuz I'd be one chubby vegan...happy...but chubby. We left before they announced who won but I found out later that the Judge's choice was Hugos Restaurant and the People's choice was Suncafe Organic Restaurant. I did have a favorite but I'm not going to spill. I'm just going to let you enjoy these pics I took and hope you don't drool on your keyboard. :-)


  1. Drooling. Sorry. I am a huge fan of Mac & Cheese. Haha! I would have been a very happy and chubby person too! How lucky are you!



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