Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tempeh Pad Thai & Hard workouts for today.

Hey guys! Yesterday was pretty hard. I got my morning booty call in but after eating some breakfast I felt really sick. I'm thinking it was probably the oatmeal & peanut butter I ate. Maybe it just didn't sit right in my stomach or something...all I know is I was done for the day. I wasn't sure how today would go, but this morning when I woke up, after my quiet time, I felt good as new. I had a tofu scramble with a piece of Ezekiel toast, and a few orange slices.

I went to the gym and started the new Shredmill workout from Tone It Up..."oh my gosh," I felt like I was dying and I was so grateful that Zumba started because I needed a little After Zumba I came back and finished the Shredmill, luckily I didn't have much left to do. When I got home I made a Tone It Up peanut butter protein shake. I had a grapefruit and a few almonds for a snack after running some errands. For lunch I had a salad with some leftover miso soup. For my afternoon workout I did Bodyrock (I know my arms are going to be sore tomorrow lol). For dinner tonight I made some Tempeh Pad Thai with brown rice pad thai noodles. Yum! Feeling good guys and I hope you are feeling strong and healthy as well! :-)

This is packed with protein and a scrumptious veggies! The ingredients include brown rice pad thai noodles, tempeh (I steam mine first for a few minutes), broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, and topped with green onions. For my sauce I used organic tamari, pure maple syrup, rice vinegar, pepper, garlic powder, and red chili flakes. I put some olive oil in my wok and added my veggies. After stirring the veggies for a few minutes I added the tempeh (which soaked in the sauce while I chopped the veggies) and the sauce into the wok. I let everything cook, stirring occasionally, until the veggies were soft and then I dumped in the noodles and mixed until they were fully coated. I turned off my burner and added my green onions on top. So good! I love making extra so I can munch on this for lunch tomorrow. :-)

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