Friday, September 23, 2011

Help support this teacher make a difference!

Hey guys,

Yesterday, I found an interesting story on the kind life website. It's about a Memphis teacher name Adam Guerrero who planted a beautiful vegetable garden in his front yard to help teach students about gardening and healthy eating. This sounds great, right??? Unfortunately, there is this local judge, who is trying to get the garden removed because he believes it to be a "nuisance." Adam will be battling this issue in court and needs as much support as possible.

Here is how you can help:

  1. Write to Judge Larry Potter at in support of Adam Guerrero's garden. Please be respectful. You are an ambassador for the kitchen garden cause.
  2. Join the Facebook page called "Save Adam Guerrero's Garden," where you can show your support and receive updates about his case.
  3. Show your outrage on Twitter using the #WarOnGardens hashtag.
  4. Sign an online petition at in support of the garden, which will be sent to the judge hearing Guerrero's case.
  5. Watch and share the video on YouTube and embedded above.
Please help support Adam! I just get so frustrated with judges and other public officials that continue to fight people like Adam and Jamie Oliver, who go out of their way to help kids live a longer healthier life. How can officials continue to complain about the obesity crisis that children are facing and then turn around and oppose any kind of change that would help these kids survive? We have to make them listen and see that we're tired of them taking no responsibility for what's going on in the schools and the fast food industry...and we most definitely have to support people who are willing to step up and make a change. 

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