Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bob's Red Mill Possibly Funding Animal Testing

   Throughout this week I kept reading about Bob's Red Mill donating to Oregon Health and Science University, which is known for animal testing. Of course, as a vegan I am shocked and appalled by this news, especially since I buy their products. Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods is known for their whole grain products (they carry gluten free as well). I bought some of their products online and Costco even started carrying some items in bulk.

   Now, they never claim to be a vegan company but they do claim to be compassionate and understanding to their vegan and gluten free customers and make every effort to insure that they serve the best natural product. So, I'm having  a hard time understanding why they would pick a facility that goes out of its way to torture animals with its testing.

   Please check out The Informed Vegan's website for more information. People have been posting like crazy on facebook and twitter. I checked out Bob's Red Mill's twitter page and they said the best way to voice your concerns is to send an email to:

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