Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vegan Chili Cheesy Scoops!

Chili, queso, and scoops...Yum! Last weekend while one of my dear friends visited from out of town, we decided to make one of our all time favorite snacks, Scoops. Scoops are three simple ingredients packed full of flavor. All you need is vegetarian chili (I get mine from wholefoods), some vegan queso (I used "Food for Lovers"'s spicy and delicious), and some Frito scoop chips. That's it! Heat the chili and the queso, layer them on top of the chips, scoop them up, and eat and eat and eat! I promise you this is so yummy. It's a quick snack to make and perfect for sporting events...your non-vegan friends won't even miss their old chili cheese treats.

Enjoy! :-)

Food for Lovers Vegan Queso.



  1. wished i had the ingredients to make this for a late night snack

  2. I miss eating that with you! I'm so happy we got to have it in a way that we can both still enjoy it. It was the perfect late night snack that day! That queso was definitely better than most jar cheeses I get from the store. Sooo good.

    Still kinda wishing I wore something sexier though! LOL What a bamma.



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