Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New York, New York!

I love New York!...the food, the culture...I went to school there and lived there for six years. New York is like my third home. I had such a great time there last weekend for my friend's wedding (I was a bridesmaid! ). This is the first time I've been back since becoming a vegan and I was excited to see what food would be available to me during the wedding extravaganza. Check out the pics below to see a few of the things I ate.

I had to sneak this one in here. A picture of me with the beautiful bride.

I've only been to the Whole Foods in Union Square but this one was located further downtown and it was awesome. They had this amazing salad bar upstairs where I ordered this yummy dish.
A raw Asian salad with raw veggies, toasted almonds, and asian dressing. 

There were no vegan options at the wedding so the waiter spoke with the chef and they served up this plate of roasted veggies. The artichokes were so delicious! I also had a fruit plate as a first course but I forgot to take a picture.
Roasted veggies: Eggplant, artichokes, peppers, and asparagus. 

The day after the wedding we met up with the bride and groom for brunch and once again the menu had no vegan options, fortunately, I was able to speak with the waitress (who also informed me that she also tries to eat vegan sometimes), and she made sure I had a delicious meal. The portions were so big that I could only finish half of the sandwich.
Bread with fresh jam.

A double-decker sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and avocado served with a side of fries. 

I know what you're thinking..."Where's the dessert?" Do not fret, I will have pics and videos up of the vegan dessert yummyness very soon!

P.S. I almost forgot about these really cool eco-friendly bags the bride gave us.

Eco-friendly bags from Envirosax

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