Sunday, August 21, 2011

Trader Joe's Gluten free Waffles

Yesterday, for breakfast I tried trader joe's gluten free waffles. My sister had mentioned them the week before I and since I've been wanting to cut back on my gluten intake I felt like I should give these a try. So, I popped these in the toaster and while I waited for them to finish I heated up some Smart Bacon in a pan.

This was the first time I tried both of these products and fortunately I was not disappointed. The waffles definitely taste different from the waffles I'm used to but they still have that fluffy waffle flavor. They soak up syrup fast, so it might be best to cut it in pieces and pour the syrup on each piece at a time. The bacon comes in very thin strips and it cooks pretty quickly. It tasted more like turkey bacon then regular bacon to me. Pretty yummy breakfast.

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