Monday, August 22, 2011

Earnest Eats!

Look what I found on set today! It's a whole food bar from a company called "Earnest Eats."

I've seen advertisements for this product on facebook and I heard that they sell it in bulk at Costco. So, when I found this at work I was really excited to try it out. I wanted to try this right away but I waited till I got home so I could take a better picture. It's vegan and wheat-free and it's very tasty. Unlike most nutrition bars, their bars are baked with almond butter which keeps them nice and moist. I guess I would compare it to a chewy granola bar but far more healthier and I feel like you can actually taste the ingredients that you're eating...except for the raisins, I didn't really taste the raisins (but I was definitely okay with that cuz I'm not a fan of raisins). :-) Overall, a pretty good bar.

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