Monday, November 14, 2011

What's up with food tv???

I love food shows! Whether it's a great chef sharing some yummy recipes, a host checking out food dives I've never been to, or a cooking challenge show where they have like 15 minutes to whip up something fabulous, I will watch each show with the greatest enthusiasm! But, since becoming vegan I can't watch these shows like I used to, it's always "veal this" or "fried chicken that" and it just pains me that there are no vegan chefs on tv (especially since there are so many vegans/vegetarians that are always looking for new recipes) and no cool vegan cooking challenge shows like top chef, iron chef, or chopped. There are so many vegan restaurants around on the west and east coast, so where are the vegan tv chefs? Even if we only had one show on that gave quick and simple vegan recipes, new and seasoned vegans would soak this up, and it would show people how easy it is to go vegan. Come on Food Network!

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