Monday, November 7, 2011

Urban Food Crawl's First Vegan Cupcake Competition!

Sunday, I had the privilege of attending Urban Food Crawl's first ever Vegan Cupcake Competition. When I first heard about the event I was so psyched! I mean, who doesn't want to load up on cupcakes and vote for their favorite??? The art was amazing, the people were enthusiastic, and the cupcakes were fantastic! There were so many different sweet and delectable flavors to choose from, I could barely keep up. I tried to pace myself but that was impossible because my eyes kept darting to the next tasty treat awaiting me. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures because I was so busy stuffing my face but I did manage to get some cool video footage. Please check out the event below:

Here are the list of the Cupcake Companies from the event:
Amanda's Bakery & Cafe
Babycakes NYC
Bake You Happy
Clara's Cakes
Courtesan Cupcakes
Crushcakes & Cafe
Jamaica's Cakes
No Udder Desserts
Raw Bites
Sweet Alexis

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