Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tone It Up 7 Day Slim Down Day 2 & 3

Yesterday, I was far too tired to upload my Day 2 of the the 7 day slim down so I'm combining day 2 and 3 together for today's post. For day 2 I woke up early to get my workout in before meeting my mom. I did 2 sets of Tone It Up Valentine's Day workout and then I had some breakfast. I met up with my mom to run some errands for the day and I picked up some cute new workout clothes. I'll post pics of new stuff later. When we finally got back to her place it was late afternoon and I completely missed lunch, so I ate when I got home. Being Valentine's Day and all I decided to make the hubby something sweet, so I made some dark chocolate covered strawberries. They looked so good that I caved in and ended up having two. I know! No good!lol But, I was glad that I stopped at two. I finished the night off with some ab exercises.

Day 3!

Today went a lot smoother. I got in a 3+mile run this morning at the gym. I usually run outside but it was raining today. After my workout I raced home to make a delicious protein pancake. Used unsweetened apple sauce instead of silken tofu this time and it came out even better. :-) For my afternoon workout I did another Bodyrock rep challenge and as usual I felt like dying half way through the workout but I powered through and finished strong. For dinner I sauteed some spinach and kale with a chickpea patty. I was feeling a bit off so I added some veggie soup on the side.
Four more days to go!

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