Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vegan Beauty Products!

Check out these cool vegan products that you can put on your face!


  1. Wow, I tried E.L.F. products before but had no idea that it was vegan! I wonder how I missed that? And yeah, you really can't beat the price. Their lip gloss colors are super cute. Say Yes to Carrots also has hair products that I heard are pretty good, especially for those of us with natural, kinky-curly textured hair. They have say yes to tomatoes and cucumbers too I think. So check those out too! (I don't know the difference between them though. Burts Bees I'm scared to try anymore...I tried a lip balm of theirs a while back and it really broke out my lips. Had me walkin around like I had a questionable VD if you know what I'm sayin...haha.

  2. I know isn't that great that elf is all natural! I saw the yes to tomatoes and cucumbers on their website but I think I'll stick with the carrots for I know I'll try them eventually. That's terrible about the burts bees...gross! Yeah, you're probably allergic but that sucks cuz their foot cream is fabulous. Boo to the vd I was rollin laughing.



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