Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tone It Up's 5 Day Slim Down!

Hey guys! Tone It Up is back with a new and improved slim down just in time for the summer. With this slim down I'll be doing 5 days instead of 7 and I'll be incorporating more fruit, tropical smoothies and drinks. I'm on day three now. I wasn't able to post about this Monday and Tuesday, because I was held hostage at work all day. But, now I have some time to let you know how it's going.

Day 1

Monday morning started out great. I got my workout in, a protein pancake for my "beach babe breakfast", and a kombucha for my tankini. Then I headed off to work and grabbed some pineapple for my "one piece" of fruit. Unfortunately, my monthly friend decided to come along (I thought I still had a few more days) and so did the cramps. The rest of the night at work was a little rough. I don't have a mini fridge to keep food stuff cool, so luckily they held up in my lunch box with an ice pack. I brought a spicy mustard collard wrap for lunch and did my best to fight off cravings...and it definitely doesn't help when they load a bunch of junk food snacks on set. I had a chickpea patty with veggies and quinoa for dinner and some apple slices for my one piece. Being at work late into the night is the worst because the later you stay up, the more you want to eat but thank God the night was finally over. I didn't get in my second workout because I got home pretty late and needed to hit the sack so I could get up nice and early for work the next day.

Day 2

No booty call Tuesday morning because of a 6am call time. I had my Tone It Up "bomb shell spell" before leaving. When I got to work I had some sauteed veggies on top of potatoes. Potatoes are not part of the slim down but I only had a little The rest of the day I followed the slim down completely and closed my eyes to the temptation around me. It was one of the longest days of work yesterday and I was super proud of myself for making it through the day without giving into my period cravings....and I really wanted some chocolate!!!lol It was late when I got home and I was totally beat from two crazy days of work so I didn't do my 30 minute workout but I did do the Tone It Up "Under the Sea" workout before bed.

Day 3


  1. Can u give a sample of what the daily breakfasts, lunches, dinner, and snacks are like? I'm considering purchasing this, but money is really tight (and I've wasted so much money on plans that were horrendous or just not compatible).

    Also, do u know the cals and %/grams of protein, fat, carbs in the plan?


  2. If you go to any of the postings listed as Tone It Up 5 day or 7 day slim down, or Tone It Up check in, it will give you some idea of what I've been eating on the plan. No, I do not know the cals, grams of protein, fat, and carbs on the plan, but I'm sure if you email Tone It Up they will be able to give you the information you are looking for.



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