Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Get Fit Vegan Day 3!


  1. [ Smiles ] It is nice that you are making the effort to consume healthy vegan food; however, I think that you might get a little fed up of just bananas blended in water.

    This is what I would have done: I would have blended the bananas with non-sweetened organic almond milk and water; which I believe is more fun and palatable.

    Also, I would like to recommend that you add more fruits and vegetables to your diet (The Non-GMO kind of course).

    I know vegans who eat way more than you do and they are not fat.

    Don't ever make the mistake of starving yourself, because your body would go into its self-preservation mode and store all those calories as fat.

    Keep it up, Stephanie!

    Eat vegan, exercise and be merry!

  2. I think I'm really enjoying just bananas and water for now. Thanks for your suggestions though. I like to use almond milk when I make banana ice cream. :-) I do mix up my fruits and veggies on the weekend and sometimes during the week, it just depends on what I'm in the mood for or if I've gone shopping.

    I'm not calorie restricting in any way shape or form, so you have nothing to worry about. I found this high carb/low fat vegan lifestyle through Freelee the Banana Girl and she eats 3000+ calories, and that's what I'm striving for. I'll get there soon.

    Best Regards Renard!

  3. Thanks for your inspirational videos! I've been working out and eating vegan, but you've inspired me to go back to mostly raw after a not-so-raw winter. Enjoying my favorite banana-celery smoothies today (YUM)!

    I love Freelee's site, haven't been there in a while but I'm going to go check it out again today.

    Keep going, you're doing great!

    1. Thanks for watching Shana! Banana and celery sounds interesting. I might have to try that one day. I'm so glad you're giving mostly raw another chance. Let me know how it goes and thank you so much for your encouragement! :-)



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